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Restoration Company

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About Our Core Values:

We built our customer base on trust and some very important core values.  Our President, Jeff Medeiros, has been in the construction industry for 15 years.  With experience in both restoration services, building and renovating retail stores, custom homes, doctors offices, business offices, commercial buildings and industrial structures. 

Our Company Core Values Are:




Restoration Companies are usually the first responders following significant damage to a home from floods and fires, water damage, sew- age backup and other major events. The job of a restoration company is to clean up the mess and to preserve and protect the home and its contents so that further damage will not occur.

What do Restoration Companies do ?

One very important reason to let the professionals handle it is the danger of electrocution when wires get submerged, and the possible contamination of flood waters with raw sewage, chemicals, or other serious hazards which can not only cause body harm but in extreme cases death.
The right quote, when you need it the most. If any restoration company is reputable, they should be using claims estimating software to determine how much to charge. 

Essentially the way the software work is they allow a restoration specialist to create the floor plan of the affected home and essentially line item all of the damages.  So they can determine the amount of square footage that has been affected by fire, water, mold, etc.

Each line item that is in need of replacing, would then get priced out, walls that need replaced, floors that need to be replaced, plumbing, electrical etc. and the software calculates labor
cost, overhead costs, cost of materials, etc. and spits out the total cost.

Green Rhino Restoration Company Service Areas:



Southwestern Ontario

Southwestern Ontario

More than five years ago now, on June 6, 2010, a tornado ripped through Leamington, Ont. and left a swath of destruction throughout the lakeside town mainly across HWY 18.  All kinds of wind damage had residents with out roofs and power. We are glad to be offering Restoration Services in Leamington when they are need immediately.
The Town of Kingsville is launching a new emergency notification system called Kingsville Alerts . This new system will streamline communications between the Town and its staff, citizens, and businesses during critical events such as floods, fires, and other emergencies. Green Rhino Comapny is glad to help with Restoration Services in Kingsville when emergencies strike.



Southwestern Ontario

Southwestern Ontario

Nucular Disaster? Let's hope not, but the town of Amherstburg is officially asking the province to strengthen its Nuclear
Emergency Response Plan, and include the town in it, because of its
proximity to the Fermi II plant across the Detroit River in Michigan. No matter what the crisis, we are proud to be offering Restoration Services in Amhersburg Ontario .
The small town of Essex, Ont., has survived two large explosions, including a rail disaster in 1907 when a train car carrying dynamite blew up and razed the downtown core. Today, the tracks have been ripped out, and this mural reminds people about the town’s history with the railroad. We have serviced Essex County for many years and are happy to provide Restoration Services Essex Ont .



Southwestern Ontario

Southwestern Ontario

One of the worst flooding for residents in  Windsor and Tecumseh, Ont., occured just last year.  Home Owners continuely tried  to pump water out of their basements, while assessing the extent of the damage. One cleanup company alone received 1,000 calls for service after heavy rains flooded basements. As you can see, sometime disasters happen quickly, thats why we are here, offering our Restoration Services in Windsor Ont .
Garbage dumpsters were thrown the length of a football field. A 150-foot concrete wall was reduced to rubble. Massive cube vans were dragged across a parking lot. As a Lasalle tornado leaves destruction in its wake just last year completely destroying the front of an industrial factory. All of these building can trust Green Rhino Company for Restoration Services in Lasalle .



Southwestern Ontario

Southwestern Ontario

Sarnia almost become a toxic landfill back in 2014 , believe it or not. But the decision was quickly reversed after residents learned more about what the US was actually shipping into the town. The keyword here, being almost. Thank God for That! We have been offering Restoration Services in Sarnia for over many years.
On July 19, 2017 in Strathroy a train derailed as the 120-car freight left the tracks in the early-morning causing major damage to the train, but no one was hurt and no homes where damaged. The Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause. As always we are happy to offer Disaster Restoration Services in Strathroy Ont.



Southwestern Ontario

Southwestern Ontario

Why flooding has been such a problem in Ontario this year, in all areas across Southwestern Ontario including London, CBC news say climate change is a contributing factor. You can also learn how to safe gaurd your home from flood and water damage. We offer Property Restoration Services for London Ontario area.
There are no shortage of Fires in the Chatham-Kent area and you should have both a proper fire route and plan in place if any type of fires should break out in your home, office or work space. We help those that have been affected by these tragic events and offer Fire & Smoke Restoration Services for Chatham Kent homes.