Restoration Services in Chatham Ontario

One of the places worst hit by fire disasters is the Chatham and Chatham-Kent area. When you live or work here, you have to be sure that you have a proper fire route and plan in place just in case a fire breaks out in your office or home.

Fire is a tragic event, and it is one of the most destructive disasters that can hit a place. When this happens, you will need a company that can be able to restore your home or office back to normal and you get back to your daily routines.

Property restoration is not an easy job to do. It requires professionals who can assess the damage efficiently and restore your house to the last bit. Remember the fire must have left a lot of smoke and damages to your home even if it was quickly put out.

The parts worst hit by fireare the roof and sometimes the walls or the floor. If you don’t get professionals to do proper restoration for you, you might end up living in a house that is weak and might be structurally unsound.

That is one reason why Green Rhino Restoration Inc has a location in Chatham Ontario and also has a fully equipped 24-hour emergency response service.

We will come and take over this stressful situation and calm you down. We will give you assurances where they apply and communicate with you about the progress of the restoration services in your property.

If a fire disaster has hit you in Chatham, Green Rhino Restoration Inc is here to make it easier for you. We are glad to be providing emergency fire, and smoke restoration services in Chatham Ontario and the Chatham-Kent area.

We are a Certified Water Damage, Mold Removal & Remediation, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Company with many years of experience in providing first class customer service as the industry leaders in the Chatham-Kent and Chatham Ontario area.

Our services include emergency water damage repair, mold inspections and remediation, fire and smoke damage restoration in the South Western Ontario area.
Whatever the damage - leaks, floods, fires or accidents, we will be there to help you get your home or commercial business professionally repaired and restored in as little time as possible.

We focus on exceeding expectations by quickly clearing the work space and identifying your overall needs; an essential part of how we operate, and we formulate a plan to repair and restore your home or commercial property to the condition it was originally in.

Contact Us to schedule a FREE inspection for black mold, water damage or any other visible signs of damage at your home or businesses.

Call Jeff today at 1-877-757-7879 and speak to Green Rhino Restoration Inc any time 24/7.

Our services are aimed at providing your family and co-workers with a safe environment and optimal air quality conditions, especially when it comes to mold growth and damage caused by water, mildew & mold.

Green Rhino Restorations Inc provides services for both residential and commercial properties using proven solutions and equipment that meets the highest professional standards in restoration.

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